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Construction and installation:

Construction of any facilities ( regardless of the volume and destination ) for the erection of which require land and construction for the installation of the buried foundations of bearing and protecting designs , eyeliner utilities .

RADDANT company offers capital construction objects of any purpose , namely :

  • construction of office centers ;
  • shopping malls ;
  • sports infrastructure facilities ;
  • hotels and lodging ;
  • individual construction ;
  • stations , shops , etc.

Our company is realizing the prospects of the construction market , has been the introduction of new technologies in all construction processes that can be improved. Beginning with monolithic construction and finishing finishing work , we are ready to provide the Customer with a fresh and modern look to the building services . Modern construction company should not just provide building services and provide customers with a complete understanding of all the processes that take place at the construction site .

All construction work the company is ready to fulfill turnkey , even if the facility need highly specialized work , we have a number of reliable partners , performing the necessary work to set deadlines . To date, construction services, it is not just the provision of construction works and large complex solutions all related issues that arise during construction .

RADDANT company on a professional level will provide you with a full range of construction and installation work .


  • installation of video surveillance
  • installation alarm system
  • installation of fire alarm system
  • installation of local computer and telephone network
  • improvement armored structures (offices, storage)
  • wrapping film armored windows, doors, protection class SS2, SS3

general contracting services from the enterprise RADDANT .

RADDANT company has extensive experience and on this basis provides general contracting services in the construction of commercial and residential buildings erected in Khmelnytsky and Ukraine .

be successful as a general contractor fails due to efficient management, the availability of skilled and well-coordinated work , the presence of a powerful material and technical basis , the use of modern software and staff orientation to the final result .

Agreement between investor ( customer) and the Contractor on the construction in which the Contractor agrees to comply with all construction and installation work , called the General Contractor in construction. The duties Genpodryachika included :

  • Construction of the facility and timely entry into service ;
  • control of all operations at the facility ;
  • coordinate the activities of subcontractors ;
  • organization continuous process at the construction site ;
  • representation in government construction and all work with documents ;
  • timely supply of construction with all necessary materials ;
  • if necessary project documentation ;
  • conducting construction in strict accordance with the design and estimate documentation ;
  • bearing full responsibility to customers building .

Investors easier to hire a professional developer - a general contractor who will be responsible for the outcome of all the construction and commissioning of the building. Services General contractor in construction demand in the construction of almost any object .

This general contractor on the shoulders rests the entire responsibility for the course of construction works on site . Modern building - it is a complex job that requires consolidated efforts of a number of different specialists. Often for construction need to bring in third-party experts and crews . General Contractor coordinating their operations so as to maximize efficiency , the quality of both position and velocity from the position .

General contractor Agreement allows the customer to desist from building construction department . All its functions assumes general contractor . This in turn means that substantial cost savings .

General design.

As a rule, general contractor leads construction work on existing design estimates. However, if necessary, may also sign the contract for general design objects. Thus, the General Contractor includes all stages of the work, from the documentation to the final delivery of the project in operation.

Heneralnoe Designing .

Typically, Henpodryadchyk prospered stroytelnыe work on already ymeyuscheysya smetnoy design and documentation. However, in sluchae neobhodymosty Perhaps well as sign the agreement to heneralnoe pra


engineering - predostavlenye konsultatsyonnыh and ynzhenernыh of services ( Management of Construction , Project konstruktorskye , cash- analytycheskye , Organizational , yssledovatelskye , The development of recommendations on the organization of production ), ie COMMERCIAL complex of services for the preparation and obespechenyya stroytelnoho process .

Ynzhynyrynhovыe projects mogut byt realyzovanы objects in direction of construction industry , stroytelnoy INDUSTRIYA, kommercheskoy REAL ESTATE , as well as the construction zhylыh complexes and houses .

Company RADDANT " predostavlyaet ynzhynyrynhovыe services in direction follows :

  • promыshlennoe the construction ;
  • kapytalnoe ( Grazhdanskoye ) Construction ;
  • Tehnicheskoe pereosnaschenye objects ;
  • Upgrade
  • and put sooruzhenyy ;
  • Management of construction ;
  • realyzatsyya otdelnыh functions zastroyschyka ( Conduct tehnycheskoho supervision ; sdacha object pod "key "; aid in clearance tender documents ; Survey of existing kommunykatsyy and to enter into vыdacha 's dalnejshem эkspluatatsyonnoy pryhodnosty and prochee ).

ynzhynyrynhovыh Composition of services is determined by the customer with uchetom Specificity of specific projects , however suschestvuyut naybolee rasprostranennыe 's predostavlenyya forms :

    Perform functions
  • the customer / Zastroyschyka ( general contractor ).
  • Integrated Management stroytelnыm project ( general developer ).
  • Tehnycheskyy supervision by the construction .
  • Heodezycheskyy control of construction ( According to the license ).
  • Project Execution stroitel of work .

Most sluchav ynzhynyrynhovыe Company predostavlyayut otdelnыe ynzhynyrynhovыe services , that zastavlyaet client obraschatsya k Several contractors and significantly vlyyaet on costs. Company proposes RADDANT ynzhynyrynhovыe Management services and the construction of ohovorennыe term. We obespechym polnыy complex ynzhynyrynhovыh of work .

oektyrovanye objects. In this way , General podryad vkljuchaet in itself is Stage Doing work , the training of such documentation to sdachy The final project in operation.




and put sooruzhenyy - this stroytelnыy process , that vozrozhdaet / vosstanavlyvaet the building , rolled Originally ego kind kotorыy áûë Lost in result dlytelnoy operation and External factors pryrodnыh ili Changes is industrial process ( pereprofylyrovanye production ) According tehnycheskym Conditions / needs. In Time Object reconstruction Usually podlezhyt polnoy isolation , and their activities in prekraschaet Execution remontnыh work. Upgrade Can byt kak chastychnaya so and Indent . Chastychnaya - vosstanavlyvaetsya otdelnыy element of the building (farm , partitions, Basement , floor ) Indent - from foundation to krыshy grounds .

Obyazatelnыm to Perform reconstruction javljaetsja tehnycheskoho Conducting Survey in Kotor WILL ukazanы defektы , razrushenyya and predostavleno Conclusion vozmozhnoy dalnejshem operation of the building. Also It is in tehnycheskom Survey otmechaetsja , some kind ymenno elements sleduet Restore / Replace in the reconstruction process . Survey results as text predstavljaetsja proektnoy documentation , kotoraja dolzhna byt sohlasovana in razreshytelnыh ynstantsyyah , procedures for new construction of kak .

Neobhodymost Execution dannoy services obuslovlenы factors follows :

  • " Upgrade promыshlennыh put " svjazana with potrebnostyu in инженерно -technical pereosnaschenyyu ili Updates tehnolohycheskoy LINES ; pereprofylyrovanyem proyzvodstvennыh POWER .
  • " Fyzycheskaya yznoshennost delivered " - this deterioration , Kotor podverhaetsya the building , that atmosfernыh Impact factors and time. Ymenno Therefore, the building is dolzhnы Tehnicheskoe Survey and pasportyzatsyy , kotorыe utverzhdayut 's condition, ili neobhodymost reconstruction .
  • " Moralnыy deterioration " - psychological / moral ustarevshye Objects , who do not otvechayut the needs and prestige Inc., kotorыe raspolahayutsya of data in a building. This makes the reconstruction process sluchae " adaptyruet / obnovlyaet the building " in accordance with the the needs of companies .
  • " Changing the type of operation of the building " - pereprofylyrovanye promыshlennыh guild and factories , that prekratyly suschestvovat pod Modern Objects kommercheskoy REAL ESTATE .

Company RADDANT obespechyvaet :

  • High tehnycheskye characteristics rekonstruyrovannoy sooruzhenyya ( We yspolzuem Modern Technology , Materials , technician );
  • Adherence
  • dohovornыh srokov pomeschenyy put on reconstruction .

Process Execution works on reconstruction was cast sooruzhenye vosstanavlyvaetsya and pryobretaet Sovershenno A new External appearance: konstruktsyy usylyvayutsya , aesthetic clearance is conducted and Scheduling In accordance with the needs of the customer , uvelychyvaetsya rыnochnaya Cost REAL ESTATE object . Upgrade promыshlennыh and other sooruzhenyy deposited with the Company RADDANT naybolee vzveshennoe decision. Our employee javljajutsja professyonalamy svoeho affairs , that harantyruet bezuprechnoe The quality of work vыpolnennыh .

Reconstruction of the building - is tselыy complex stroitel of work , the result kotorыh javljaetsja Changing of major techno -economic indicators of the object ili ego functional purpose.


competence Company RADDANT vhodyat :

  • hosudarstvennыh objects ;
  • Upgrade
  • voennыh and ynыh zakrыtыh objects ;
  • Upgrade
  • ADMINISTRATIVE proyzvodstvennыh and objects ;
  • Reconstruction of medical objects ;
  • Upgrade
  • zhylыh and nezhylыh objects .

RADDANT proposes reconstruction of part sleduyuschye stroitel Types of services :

  • proektnыe work ;
  • Changing AGE architectural object ;
  • Disassembly and Gain nesuschyh designs ;
  • construction of prystroek and nadstroek , Increase эtazhnosty ;
  • Device roofs , perekrыtyy and junctions ;
  • pereplanyrovka ;
  • disassembly and assembly of metal ;
  • dismantling and installation of partitions ;
  • ynzhenernыh mounting systems and networks : otoplenye , vodosnabzhenye , ventilation and kondytsyonyrovanye ;
  • remontnыe , otdelochnыe and teployzolyatsyonnыe work ;
  • fasadnыe work ;
  • эlektrotehnycheskye work ;
  • santehnycheskye work ;
  • installation pozharnoy and ohrannoy alarm .

repair facility « turnkey »

Company vыpolnyaet repair facility " turnkey " any complexity , rukovodstvuyas smetnoy the documentation , design and project ustanovlennыmy term.

repair facility " turnkey " Typically we vkljuchaet in itself :

  • creation эksklyuzyvnoho design projects ;
  • pereplanyrovka the premises ;
  • demontazhnыe work ;
  • vozvedenye walls and partitions Device ;
  • replacing ynzhenernыh systems ( эlektromontazhnыe , sanitary and ventylyatsyonnыe work );
  • repair chaff vыravnyvanye , buckle
  • pokrytem laying floor : tile, flooring, laminate, lynoleum ;
  • shtukaturnыe , malyarnыe work ;
  • okrask , okleyka walls oboyamy ;
  • zapolnenye okonnыh proemov Thermopanes and installation dvernыh blocks ;
  • repair and Finish ceilings , installation podvesnыh potolkov ;
  • of removal stroytelnoho Garbage ;
  • Device , installation and commissioning is security - alarm pozharnoy ;
  • Selection , purchase, delivery of materials stroitel , osvetytelnыh pryborov and predmetov Interior ;
  • tehnolohycheskoho installation of equipment and specially ;
  • harantyynoe of service ;
Installation of


Design and installation of Internal ynzhenernыh systems

Company RADDANT vыpolnyaet design and installation Types of work:

  • Otoplenye
  • Kondytsyonyrovanye
  • ventilation
  • Vodosnabzhenye
  • sewage

qualitatively and in detail razrabotaem эskyznыy project hereinafter obosnuem ego with technical and эkonomycheskoy storony, razrabotaem tehnycheskuyu documentation (for строительно Execution and installation works) and provided with Author's supervision.

Tehnycheskyy Supervisory construction of

Tehnycheskyy supervision ( tehnadzor ) for the construction - is the Independent presentation of interests of the customer to stroytelnoy pitches .

Company RADDANT blog neobhodymыe the license and kvalyfytsyrovannыy staff to osuschestvlenyya tehnadzora in Construction and Execution species of work follows :

  • Subscription at Gasquet in Getting " Permission to beginning of construction ".
  • Stable control of quality of work on vыpolnyaemыh sootvetstvye Stroytelnыm the Rules (SNIP ) and GSN as well as in sluchae neobhodymosty s Attraction spetsyalyzyrovannыh examination and laboratory ( Institute эlektrosvarky im. E.O Paton et al ).
  • Pryemka vыpolnennыh of work with podpysanyem sootvetstvuyuschyh assembly ( skrыtыh of work , yspыtanyy , promezhutochnoy pryemky otvetstvennыh designs and put sooruzhenyy ).
  • Doing Dental photography stroitel of quality of work with predostavlenyem otcheta investor .
  • Proverka sootvetstvyya obъemov faktychesky vыpolnennыh works and predъyavlennыh k OPLAN .
  • Proverka Smet contractor before the beginning of work .
  • clearance assembly osmotra skrыtыh of work .
  • Control sootvetstvyya obъemov works and srokov terms of work contract and calendar schedule of construction .
  • Consultation investor .
  • proektnыh Optimization solutions .

Tehnycheskyy Supervisory obespechyvaet svoevremennoe ustranenye of construction defects , vыyavlennыh at pryemke otdelnыh species of work , konstruktyvnыh elements and the object as a whole , that the building obespechyt Vashem Dolhyi dates, operation and reliability of konstruktsyy .

Tehnadzor in the construction here RADDANT - Warranty qualitatively and svoevremennoho Conduct âñåõ stroitel of work .

Spetsyalyzyrovannыe services for banks.

Company blog RADDANT Experience Documents and necessary to qualitatively solutions for spetsyfychnыh bankovskoy activity tasks, namely:

  • Kompleksnыe construction and installation work on the opening otdelenyy
  • installation bankomatov
  • cur repair pomeschenyy
  • Upgrade
  • bronyrovanye kassovыh nodes, pryvedenye's In accordance normatyvnыm documents NBU
  • udarozaschytnaya plenka CS-2, CS-3
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