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For banks:

Spetsyalyzyrovannыe services for banks.

Company blog RADDANT Experience Documents and necessary to qualitatively solutions for spetsyfychnыh bankovskoy activity tasks, namely:

  • Kompleksnыe construction and installation work on the opening otdelenyy
  • installation bankomatov
  • cur repair pomeschenyy
  • Upgrade
  • bronyrovanye kassovыh nodes, pryvedenye's In accordance normatyvnыm documents NBU
  • udarozaschytnaya plenka CS-2, CS-3

Construction and installation:

Construction of any facilities ( regardless of the volume and destination ) for the erection of which require land and construction for the installation of the buried foundations of bearing and protecting designs , eyeliner utilities .

RADDANT company offers capital construction objects of any purpose , namely :

  • construction of office centers ;
  • shopping malls ;
  • sports infrastructure facilities ;
  • hotels and lodging ;
  • individual construction ;
  • stations , shops , etc.

Our company is realizing the prospects of the construction market , has been the introduction of new technologies in all construction processes that can be improved. Beginning with monolithic construction and finishing finishing work , we are ready to provide the Customer with a fresh and modern look to the building services . Modern construction company should not just provide building services and provide customers with a complete understanding of all the processes that take place at the construction site .

All construction work the company is ready to fulfill turnkey , even if the facility need highly specialized work , we have a number of reliable partners , performing the necessary work to set deadlines . To date, construction services, it is not just the provision of construction works and large complex solutions all related issues that arise during construction .

RADDANT company on a professional level will provide you with a full range of construction and installation work .




and put sooruzhenyy - this stroytelnыy process , that vozrozhdaet / vosstanavlyvaet the building , rolled Originally ego kind kotorыy áûë Lost in result dlytelnoy operation and External factors pryrodnыh ili Changes is industrial process ( pereprofylyrovanye production ) According tehnycheskym Conditions / needs. In Time Object reconstruction Usually podlezhyt polnoy isolation , and their activities in prekraschaet Execution remontnыh work. Upgrade Can byt kak chastychnaya so and Indent . Chastychnaya - vosstanavlyvaetsya otdelnыy element of the building (farm , partitions, Basement , floor ) Indent - from foundation to krыshy grounds .

Obyazatelnыm to Perform reconstruction javljaetsja tehnycheskoho Conducting Survey in Kotor WILL ukazanы defektы , razrushenyya and predostavleno Conclusion vozmozhnoy dalnejshem operation of the building. Also It is in tehnycheskom Survey otmechaetsja , some kind ymenno elements sleduet Restore / Replace in the reconstruction process . Survey results as text predstavljaetsja proektnoy documentation , kotoraja dolzhna byt sohlasovana in razreshytelnыh ynstantsyyah , procedures for new construction of kak .

Neobhodymost Execution dannoy services obuslovlenы factors follows :

  • " Upgrade promыshlennыh put " svjazana with potrebnostyu in инженерно -technical pereosnaschenyyu ili Updates tehnolohycheskoy LINES ; pereprofylyrovanyem proyzvodstvennыh POWER .
  • " Fyzycheskaya yznoshennost delivered " - this deterioration , Kotor podverhaetsya the building , that atmosfernыh Impact factors and time. Ymenno Therefore, the building is dolzhnы Tehnicheskoe Survey and pasportyzatsyy , kotorыe utverzhdayut 's condition, ili neobhodymost reconstruction .
  • " Moralnыy deterioration " - psychological / moral ustarevshye Objects , who do not otvechayut the needs and prestige Inc., kotorыe raspolahayutsya of data in a building. This makes the reconstruction process sluchae " adaptyruet / obnovlyaet the building " in accordance with the the needs of companies .
  • " Changing the type of operation of the building " - pereprofylyrovanye promыshlennыh guild and factories , that prekratyly suschestvovat pod Modern Objects kommercheskoy REAL ESTATE .

Company RADDANT obespechyvaet :

  • High tehnycheskye characteristics rekonstruyrovannoy sooruzhenyya ( We yspolzuem Modern Technology , Materials , technician );
  • Adherence
  • dohovornыh srokov pomeschenyy put on reconstruction .

Process Execution works on reconstruction was cast sooruzhenye vosstanavlyvaetsya and pryobretaet Sovershenno A new External appearance: konstruktsyy usylyvayutsya , aesthetic clearance is conducted and Scheduling In accordance with the needs of the customer , uvelychyvaetsya rыnochnaya Cost REAL ESTATE object . Upgrade promыshlennыh and other sooruzhenyy deposited with the Company RADDANT naybolee vzveshennoe decision. Our employee javljajutsja professyonalamy svoeho affairs , that harantyruet bezuprechnoe The quality of work vыpolnennыh .

Reconstruction of the building - is tselыy complex stroitel of work , the result kotorыh javljaetsja Changing of major techno -economic indicators of the object ili ego functional purpose.


competence Company RADDANT vhodyat :

  • hosudarstvennыh objects ;
  • Upgrade
  • voennыh and ynыh zakrыtыh objects ;
  • Upgrade
  • ADMINISTRATIVE proyzvodstvennыh and objects ;
  • Reconstruction of medical objects ;
  • Upgrade
  • zhylыh and nezhylыh objects .

RADDANT proposes reconstruction of part sleduyuschye stroitel Types of services :

  • proektnыe work ;
  • Changing AGE architectural object ;
  • Disassembly and Gain nesuschyh designs ;
  • construction of prystroek and nadstroek , Increase эtazhnosty ;
  • Device roofs , perekrыtyy and junctions ;
  • pereplanyrovka ;
  • disassembly and assembly of metal ;
  • dismantling and installation of partitions ;
  • ynzhenernыh mounting systems and networks : otoplenye , vodosnabzhenye , ventilation and kondytsyonyrovanye ;
  • remontnыe , otdelochnыe and teployzolyatsyonnыe work ;
  • fasadnыe work ;
  • эlektrotehnycheskye work ;
  • santehnycheskye work ;
  • installation pozharnoy and ohrannoy alarm .

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